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BOI offers custom-made market research to our clients. We believe in effective communication and that everything stands or falls with good communication. We need to perfectly understand what you expect from us. By clear protocols, we determine your application so that there are no misunderstandings. BOI provides boutique market research, which means intensive communication with the client is important. Our starting point is a kick off meeting with you to determine what it is that we need to uncover. We assist in deciding on the right types of research tools to answer the proposed research question. This means that sometimes more than one approach will be used to get the insights that you are looking for.


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  • Mystery shopping makes it possible to monitor the advisory and service quality within a company, as well as the adherence to defined guidelines in the context of customer contact in an objective manner. But also determine strengths and weaknesses and make deductions about the potential of improvements. Next to this, mystery shopping can help motivate your staff to think about their attitudes and behavior, and how this could be related to the branding of the company.

  • Online survey allows research to be finished faster at a fraction of the cost of the traditional face-to-face interviews. In addition, it also prevents bias that might be caused by the respondents feeling uncomfortable when they have to answer the questionnaire with the presence of the interviewers.

  • A Focus Group Discussion is an ideal form of qualitative research in which perceptions and opinions towards a product or service can be studied. One of the main characteristic of a FGD is the interactive group setting of the participants. This can result in a unique situation, while having FGD, of generating new ideas or solutions while the topics are discussed.

  • This method can produce very precise and specific answers as well as an exhaustive and varied knowledge about individual determined experiences, opinions and motives, which the group interview and the quantitative methods cannot encompass. The method of the in-depth interview is also appropriate if your subject or research questions are somewhat controversial, sensitive or tabooed.

  • Co-creation is a research method which involves a discussion between different stakeholders of an organization, for instance management team, employees and customers. Experts can also be a part of Co-creation session in which they might give new or fresh perspective not previously thought of by the organization stakeholders.

  • Despite the proliferation of online survey, face-to-face interviews remain the main research method used in Indonesia. Other than pen and paper, tool such as tablet has been increasingly used. This allows for greater control on the quality of data entry. There are 2 types of face-to-face interviews: door-to-door and intercepts.

  • Central Location Testing (CLT) is a quantitative research method where consumers are invited to come to a controlled environment where they will take face-to-face interviews. This method is commonly used for, but not limited to concept testing, or new products and packaging. Common locations used malls or specific location made especially for CLT purpose.






  • BOI and NewForesight worked together on a complex project that involved many types of data gathering across several islands in Indonesia. Their commitment to the project, competence in managing the operations, and savviness in the analysis were truly impressive. They are also fun to work with.

    Joost Gorter, NewForesight,
  • We are very happy with the research provided by BOI Research Services, because they work very methodological, they produce useful insights, and their recommendations are actionable and precise.

    Ediani Nugrohowati, Bumiputera,
  • I like to say that “BOI is our 360 degree friend”.  BOI is one of the research agencies  that can build and develop a friendship, not merely a client-relationship. Bravo! Good luck to  BOI!

    Teguh Pratiwi (Tiwi) Sulanjari, Suntory Garuda Beverages,
  • It is one of the best Market Research we have seen from our international markets. It goes beyond our expectation and will give us a lot of good inputs to prepare the Indonesian local menu!

    Sabrina Bitton & Marco Munscher, Jamba Juice Indonesia,



Pre-trip anxiety: those days are over.

Pre-trip anxiety: those days are over.

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Are recognized brands that important nowadays?

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Golden screen: is XXI still the one to beat?

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