Are recognized brands that important nowadays?

This time BOI has investigated a small part of the personal care and fashion sector in Greater Jakarta and East Java, specifically shampoo and shoe brands. Within this research, consumer awareness of existing brands and their motives to buy that certain product will be revealed. Do brands really matter nowadays?

Overall, consumers have good awareness of shampoo brands (exceeding 80%), except Tresemme. Men are more likely to consider buying Clear shampoo, while women often chose Pantene over other brands. Talking about shoes, the go-to brands are Adidas and Nike. Though, surprisingly, a local brand, YongkiKomaladi manages to sneak into the Top 7.

But is brand everything consumers consider when buying products? Do consumers buy Adidas’ Yeezy Boost because it was worn by rapper Kanye West? Or that shiny Clear shampoo, because famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo has been associated with it?

It’s true that brands benefit from their association with famous figures. However, it’s not always the case that people buy a product owing to the strength of the brand alone. If we dig deeper into the consumer’s mindset, two aspects also have high impact on their buying behaviour.

The answer is: price and quality. Uh, price and quality? Yes, that’s right! Since time immemorial consumers have always searched for products that give more bangs for the buck. Most consumers always seek that perfect balance between those two. What’s more, based on our research benefits and comfort are considered more important than brands.

Nevertheless, we should not discount the important role of brands in shaping consumers’ buying behaviour. For instance, men tend to stick with brands they already know. And that’s normal, while women in general love shopping and trying out new brands or shops while having other aspects to define their purchase.

So, how about you? Are you a brand-oriented or anything as long as it convenient you?

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