BOI client satisfaction survey 2016

We are pleasantly surprised by the opinion of our clients about BOI. The NPS of BOI is: 46%!

The last time BOI had a client satisfaction survey, the NPS was 35%, a significant improvement. In addition, two-thirds of our clients are very satisfied with BOI.

BOI has clients from different countries. About half of our clients come from the Netherlands, a couple from East and Southeast Asia and the rest from Indonesia. The most used services by our clients in the Netherlands are analysis and tabulation. Clients from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries approach us mainly for various forms of customer research, both quantitative and qualitative.

Satisfaction with BOI comes largely through our work with the coding of open answers, brand tracking research and customer behaviour research. About these services our customers are extremely satisfied. And of course, our clients are satisfied with our analysis and tabulations as well. Almost two-thirds of our clients say working with BOI is an improvement for their organization compared to the time without BOI.

Why cooperation with BOI is an improvement?

  • ‘It is convenient that BOI is in a different time zone (in terms of delivery speed).’
  • ‘Creating cross tabulation myself takes much more time.’
  • ‘We can outsource some of our work (tabulation and graphs). This saves time (and often money). ‘
  • ‘Saves us time, so we can focus better on our own work and on things that we can offer as added value to our customers.’
  • ‘The quality of my research is enhanced by the good input from BOI.’
  • ‘Efficiency.’
  • ‘We get a better understanding of our customer segments.’

Also about the different aspects of our cooperation, clients are (very) satisfied. However, there is of course still room for improvements.

What improvements for BOI?

  • BOI can be even more proactive.
  • Consistent quality at even higher levels.
  • Even more active in thinking along with the client.
  • Even more active in finding solutions when problems arise.

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