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At BOI Research Services, we believe in practice what you preach. That is why we encourage our researchers to do their own research, next to the work we do for our clients. We like our people to show off their skills and work. Anybody at BOI can start their own BOI Labs Project, whether they are a trainee or a senior research executive.

BOI Labs is a playground where members of our team can play around with new ideas for market research about serious topics, fun topics, or where wild and crazy ideas can be tested. At the end of the day, the projects in BOI Labs are also meant to come up with ways to make BOI work more efficient, more accurate, and create new solutions for our clients.

It is part of our effort to continuously encourage research, improve the skills of our executives, and stimulate research we like.

Kawula17 2nd Survey Findings

With the current political situation, do you know which political party suits you best?

Offline Learning in The New Normal

As the government loosens COVID-19 Restriction, are you ready to send your children back to school?

Kawula17 Pilot Survey Findings

With the election coming up, have you decided which party you are going to vote for?

Digital Disruption, are we ready?

The digitalization era has come. How do Indonesian companies respond to this?

Gender equality

What is the perspective of Indonesians on gender equality nowadays?

Keep Calm: click, book and go!

Overbooked accommodations, ridiculous hotel room prices and last-minute stress, a nightmare for many.

Are recognized brands important?

Shampoo and shoes, two basic products that almost everyone uses daily to either clean or protect themselves. Yet, people prefer them famous branded, well not all of them.

What’s the first cinema you know?

XXI is famous for its image of the largest movie theatre chain in Greater Jakarta area. Are they undefeated or will newcomers in the current cinema market prove the opposite?

Indonesia, Land of opportunity!

BOI just wrapped up its research into start-up landscape in Indonesia. There is a general consensus that Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s most attractive markets for investments.

The Bitterballen

Among the Dutch bitterballen are a very popular snack. This does not apply yet to Indonesians. Or does it?

Jakarta: Mall capital of the world?

Do you know that Jakarta’s upper and middle class (A+, A and B consumers) actually go to malls less often as their counterparts in Surabaya or Denpasar?

The project about Borobudur

BOI Research Services went to the Borobudur temple in Central Java, Indonesia. With a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas we started this project.

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