Golden screen: is XXI still the one to beat?

Recently BOI completed its research of the cinema market in Greater Jakarta area. While this is far from an in-depth look into the cinema market in the area, it provides a glimpse of consumer preferences in general.

What’s the first cinema brand that comes to your mind? If you answer XXI, you represent the large majority of the Greater Jakarta Region. Everybody knows XXI and more importantly it’s the Top of Mind (ToM) cinema brand for 81% of the people. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, XXI is Indonesia’s oldest cinema chain.

But perhaps more surprisingly is the brand lurking behind XXI. Despite its relatively young age, Cinemaxx is second only to XXI in terms of awareness. The brand’s ambitious and rapid expansion which takes advantage of the dominant presence of Lippo Group’s properties has helped it to be the second most known brand in a market where XXI for a long time was seen as practically unbeatable.

And why awareness is so important, because it roughly predicts which cinema movie-goers actually go to. 48% people went to visit the cinema in the last 4 weeks. While on average, these movie-goers went to the cinema 1.3 times. Of these visits, 1.07 visits go to XXI with Cinemaxx and CGV attracting 0.14 and 0.11 visits respectively.

Since its early days, cinema, as with theatre or opera before it, has always been seen as a social occasion. And it’s not different here in Indonesia. In general, movie-goers go to the cinema in a group of 2 or 3 people, either with their friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or spouse. Group size tends to be bigger among young teenagers (watching with friends or family members) or those aged 35 years or older (watching with family members).

Finally, movie-goers are willing to spend Rp. 35.000 for a weekday ticket and Rp. 47.250 for a weekend ticket. While these prices in general are seen as affordable in areas like Jadotabek, in general cinema, as with other non-basic needs, is still seen as a nice-to-have. The higher someone in the expenditure bracket, the more often they go to the cinema.

Even though Cinemaxx is still miles behind the current champion, whether it’s in terms of brand awareness, visitation frequency and other aspects, they are pretty close to share the number one position in the cinema market with its top dog. With its continually aggressive approach to the modern day market this prognoses will be only a matter of time issues.


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