Little brats and pocket money

Parents around the world ask themselves the following questions: Don’t we give our children too much pocket money? Should we give them more pocket money? Or more directly to their own children: How much money do Johnny, Tita, Lisa, Atrin or Topan get?

BOI won’t provide the answers to these questions, because we very well know the immense impact our research articles can have. We don’t want to cause trouble for the parents, especially in Indonesia, by encouraging children to start complaining that BOI said “I should get more money.” Therefore we will only provide you with an estimate for the end of 2015 on how much pocket money the children in Indonesia on average get. Taking into account inflation, the estimates are based on our own historic data. The result is surprising. From year to year BOI projects a big increase in the amount of pocket money children get. Before we tell you the details, we need to note that these amounts apply to children from households within the social economic statuses B, C1 and C2.



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