New Logo

8 years since its start in 2010, BOI has established itself as a boutique market research company, with services tailored specifically to meet the clients’ needs. During this period, BOI has been growing with its clients, not just in Indonesia, but also in Asia and Europe by providing consumer research, market analysis, and other research supports. Over the past few years, BOI has also been actively involved in the research in the agriculture sector. In the process BOI has been able to build its credentials as one of the few market research agencies with vast experience and deep knowledge of a sector that for a long time has been the backbone of Indonesia’s economy.

Additionally, as part of our continuing commitment to serve the public, BOI has also been consistently involved in doing pro bono projects. From our research to assist the community around Borobudur temple to make sure that they get more benefits from the tourism activities around the temple to helping Pa van der Steur Foundation in Bekasi to attract more students, BOI believes that companies should do more than just focusing on making profits, but more importantly how its presence can be beneficial to the community at large.

With 8 years of experience under its belt, BOI is confident that it’s going from strength to strength, becoming market research of choice in an increasingly competitive market. This spirit inspires BOI to introduce our new logo which represents how the company has evolved and thrived, being more than just a market research agency, but more importantly to grow together with the clients by being a reliable advisor and sounding board.

This new logo also symbolizes BOI’s vision for the future and its readiness going into the next chapter of its development. BOI aims to provide research solution for clients and to empower communities through research that it conducts. It shows BOI’s relentless commitment to keep on challenging its researchers to come up with actionable recommendations that can help clients and communities alike.

Steps have been taken to get to the new chapter. We proudly announce that BOI has started to collaborate with HARA, one of the leading big data companies in Southeast Asia, to enrich raw data to be capitalized for farmer prosperity and related industries. BOI also works together with SCOPEInsight, a consulting company which provides business intelligence to create opportunity in agriculture by measuring the level of professionalism of farmers and their organizations. Those steps further strengthen BOI’s confidence that the new logo and the new vision augur well for BOI’s stated purpose to present and serve the clients and community to the best of its ability.

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