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BOI has produced a one-stop report about rice production in Indonesia. The report is a result of the cooperation between BOI Research and HARA. This report is beneficial not only for those directly involved in the agriculture sector, but more generally for the public at large as a starting point to understand this sector. The report touches on economic trends, governmental policies, consumption and production conditions in Indonesia’s rice industry.

Besides providing insight on the factors affecting rice production, the report contains detailed rice production data on a regional level from 2014-2018 with predictions from 2019-2020.

The report could help answer questions like:


What are the areas that could improve on rice productivity in Indonesia?
What are the forecasts for rice productivity per region for 2019-2020 in Indonesia?
What kind of governmental policies are in place affecting rice productivity in Indonesia?
What kind of fertilizers do the rice farmers in Indonesia typically use, and why?
What are the most important factors affecting rice production in Indonesia?


What external and internal factors contribute to the growth movements of the Indonesian economy?
What are the prospects of economic growth for Indonesia in the near future?
How big is the Indonesian middle class, and what amount of income is considered to be middle class?
What challenges does Indonesia phase to grow its economy?
What is the effect of Indonesia’s current demographics on its GDP?


Which countries are the biggest rice consumers in Asia as of 2018?
What are the trends around per capita consumption of rice in Indonesia?
What countries does Indonesia import its rice from?


What are the projections for rice production in Indonesia on a regional level for 2019-2020?
What is the amount of husked/unhusked rice produced in Indonesia from 2014-2018?
What is the productivity of each island/region of rice production in Indonesia?
What areas in Indonesia are the most productive in rice production 2014-2020?
How big are the harvest areas for rice in Indonesia, and what are the trends for harvest area?


What kind of fertilizers do Indonesian farmers currently use, and why?
What are the most popular poppy seeds for Indonesian rice farmers?
What are the main pests currently affecting rice production in Indonesia?
What external and internal factors are affecting Indonesian rice production?
What measurements are currently being taken to increase Indonesian rice farming productivity?
What are the differences in rice production conditions between Indonesian islands?


What governmental policies influence rice price movements in Indonesia?
What are the governmental policies for fertilizers and pest control for rice production in Indonesia?
How effective are the governmental policies regarding rice production of the Indonesian government
What are the policies of the government trying to improve?

Take a look at the table of contents for further details:

Table of contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1 Who are We ?
1.1 What is BOI ?
1.2 What is Hara ?
Chapter 2 Macro Economics
2.1 Steady if unspectacular growth
2.2 Growing Middle Class and High Consumer Confidence
2.3 Economic Growth Challenge
2.3.1 Internal Challenges
2.3.2 External Challenge
2.4 Agriculture sector
Chapter 3 Rice
3.1 General Rice Consumption
3.2 Production
3.2.1 General Production Overview
3.2.2 Production per Island
3.2.3 Production top 5 Rice Producers
Chapter 4 Production Conditions
4.1 Weather
4.2 Irrigations
4.3 Seeds
4.4 Fertilization
4.5 Pests and Diseases
Chapter 5 Rice Policies
5.1 Minimum Buying Price (Harga Pokok Pembelian)
5.2 Maximum Selling Price (Harga Eceran Tertinggi)
5.3 Rice Import
5.4 Rice Export
Indonesia Rice Harvested Area 2014-2020
Indonesia Husked Rice Production 2014-2020
Indonesia Rice Productivity 2014-2020
East Java Husked Rice 2014-2020
West Java Husked Rice 2014-2020
Central Java Husked Rice 2014-2020
South Sulawesi Husked Rice 2014-2020
South Sumatera Husked Rice 2014-2020
Acronyms and Glossary