Pre-trip anxiety: those days are over.

BOI has completed its research of the online hotel booking sector in Great Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung area. In this analysis consumer’s awareness of existing brands, frequently used hotel booking websites, motives to book online and their average spending will be discussed.

You probably know that feeling when you regret that procrastinating behaviour and had to book your hotel the day before your departure. Most accommodations are overbooked, rooms are ridiculously overpriced or whatever reason it may be. Absolutely frustrating, right?

Back in the day, it was normal to book your accommodation far ahead before you take off to that place you always wanted to visit. But, with the rise of online hotel booking applications, your stay could already be arranged in no-time. Traveloka (97%) and Pegipegi (72%) have by far the best brand awareness, explaining why these brands become more popular with each and every day.

Although hotel bookings gain more attention from society, currently only 12% book their hotel room online. Pegipegi has clearly one of the best consumers’ awareness in online travel applications, but Traveloka and are the most used hotel booking applications. Probably because could be used to book hotels on a global scale, and Pegipegi doesn’t have this privilege.

With that said, people prefer to book two nights for a hotel room, while spending an average of 778.846 Rupiah (per room, per night) on online hotel bookings. As for customers living in DKI Jakarta area, they tend to spend a significantly more, 1.166.666 Rupiah.

Having our mobile phones within hand reach and direct access to these applications are one of the top reasons why we choose to book our hotel online. Also, the usability of these applications along with their cheap prices makes it more attractive than calling that desk employee on the customer service and going through a time-consuming process.


So, have you ever booked a hotel online? And what online booking site do you use the most?

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