Brand Image

Your brand image forms a very important part of your company. Nowadays, almost no product are not branded anymore. Brands enhance associations, which can have either a positive or a negative impact to the sales of your branded goods or services. So, in order to build a strong brand, it is significant to gain insight in your brand.

Brand image analysis will answer these following questions that your brand needs:

  • How do customers really perceive your brand?
  • Do you leave the right image to your customers?
  • Does your advertisement’s message work?
  • How do customers compare your product or brand with your main competitors?
  • What makes your product or brand unique?
  • How can you change the perception of your brand to your customers?

BOI Research Services introduces a unique take on brand equity research. Unlike most brand equity research solutions, BOI utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods in one solution!