Customer Journey

Almost all of the times, there is a difference between the way your client perceives your product or service and the way you as a company sees your own product. It is highly important to understand these differences. When you are able to perceive your product in the same way as your clients do, it will be easier to enhance the quality of your offerings. In fact, you will recognize the shortcomings. Maybe your product isn’t priced correctly, or there is a lack of after-sales? BOI Research Services supports your company to investigate into this topic.

Mainly, the questions below form our research questions during our exploration. However, BOI always delivers customized project, whereas communication with the customers is very significant for us.

How do customers really perceive your service concept?

  • What turns a (prospective) customer into a loyal customer?
  • Which steps are important in a customer’s journey?
  • Do agents leave the right message to your customer?
  • What makes you unique according to your customers?
  • Do your advertisements have the effect you expect?

In order to answer these questions, BOI introduces the Customer Journey. The Customer Journey describes all experiences a customer has with your organization and how they rate each aspect.

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