Feasibility Study

There is mainly one essential question while performing a feasibility study: should we proceed with the proposed project idea? In general, 3 important aspects should be taken into account when conducting a visibility study:

  • Technology Considerations
  • Organization and Staffing
  • Financial Projections

It is important to get a clear understanding about the resources the company has. Accordingly, BOI Research Services focuses on building a matrix for your company. We will set out the weaknesses of your firm against your strengths. Furthermore, BOI will recommend you with the direction to go: either focusing more on your strengths, or attempting to enhance your weaknesses. This shall form the second matrix, including the opportunities and the threats you company has.

If possible, BOI can combine the results with the financial resources of your firm to draw a cost analysis. However, it will always be of great significance to gain a clear understanding of one’s own product and service.

In the past BOI has had experience doing feasibility studies for different industries!

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